The Coach is Always Right

How great are tablets!!!

If someone had told me 15 years I could be sat in a coffee shop and blog while watching the world go by I would probably have said

“BLOG what on earth are you talking about?!?!”

And more recently i would have equated blogging to being a nerd……but now I say EMBRACE THAT INNER NERD

Anyway……i digress

When I started swimming in Templemore at the age of 10 my mum took me and my sister to every practice, she sat and watched and listened to every word (probably to make sure that I didnt miss behave)

One of the greatest lessons that that she taught me, was that my teachers and coaches are always right…even when they are wrong. I know for certain that there were times that she felt like I was not being treated fairly, and I suspect that that hurt her.

The impressive thing about my mum was that I never heard her talk negatively about any of my coaches or teachers. She kept up to speed on what was going on and what was being said, but never voiced her negative thoughts, that would have certainly influenced how I viewed my swimming and my role in the team. She was teaching me a respect for authority that I have never forgetten.

Now i did witness some parents who took a different route and looked for any and every opportunity to jump down a coaches throat, when something didn’t go perfectly for their child. It seemed like those poor kids just went from team to team every year in search of the “perfect” coach. The problem is, there is no such thing.

I believe that today, there is very little respect given to the coaches and teachers of youth sport. Parents are quick to defend their kds and voice their disapproval during the car ride home after training or meets or at the dinner table. How can we expect our young athletes to return to training and not mirror the attitudes their parents have taught them?

If parents show disrespect to the decisions that are being made in their kids lives, why should they then respect any authority figure?

The long term problem is that these young athletes may not learn to cope with setbacks and the truth is, life at times will have setbacks! How parents  handle those disappointments can set their kids up for success if the teaching opportunity is recognised.

The last point is this…

Coaches and teachers have studied and spent time gaining experience in their chosen field and as parents you must learn to trust that what the coach does is for the best of each and every young athlete under their tutilage. Coaches will largely have a better understanding of the long term development of athletes then parents. You may not understand why certain decisions are made but you dont need to understand, you need to trust that the coach knows best.

Youth sports clubs must always be coach driven, athlete centred and supported by parents/friends/family etc when parents start to dictate and thinking it is about them then we have a problem…

Just a short 1 today.

till next time

posted by Peter


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