Teaching your baby to swim (part 3 – Back Floating)

Back floating is when your child is comfortable and relaxed enough in the water to lie on their back on the surface unsupported. Some children will find this skill and east one to master while others will often struggle.

Back floating is an essential safety skill that all children must learn it can often only come with correct instruction, patience and LOTS of practice. 

The key is to break the skill down and only progress when your child is ready

The 4 stages to break this skill down are

1. Shoulder supported – your child’s head should rest on your shoulder facing the roof
2. Two handed support – 1 hand under the head the other under their back
3. One handed support – 1 hand under the head
4. Independant floating – no support

Remember on move on a step once your child is comfortable

Never force them to Independant float!

Toys are a great way to distract you child in the early stages of this skill and to encourage them to look up.

At Peter Hill Swimming we spend a long time on this skill. We believe that in order to be safe in the water  it is vital that all our pupils become comfortable, every at this stage as early as possible.

This video shows just how important this skill can be.


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