Baku 2015 European Games

Ok what i thought id do for major meets is rite a wee daily blog I can update as the meet goes on.

The 1st big summer meet is the 1st European Games in Baku. These are just a few of my thoughts and impressions on the last weeks leading up to the meet and the trip itself…..

Saturday 20th June

1st day able to train in the competition pool this evening. Again VERY impressed by the set up. It really looks the part.

Team all seem in real good for and all say the pool feels fast.

Excitement is building now ahead of competition starting on Tuesday

Friday 19th June


Ok so 1st impressions on Baku are…! After the hustle and bustle of Istanbul airport arriving in Baku airport was a total culture shock. It was literally like a hotel. No queues no people lying on floor waiting for their flights. VERY NICE.
A huge, empty, 5 lane dual carriageway and a luxury bus to the village again. Very impressive.

And the village…..we had a slight problem checking into our rooms but nothing major and the apartments are again much better than they could have been.

We havent made it to the pool yet but are heading up this afternoon for our 1st swim here.
Friday 12th June

So the kit arrived today…….very exciting really. Gotta say I think it looks very well. Nice even.


Not as Green as one might have expected I guess but that may be a good thing.
The schedule for the last couple of training days while we in Baku arrived today. Happy enough that it will work well for D.

Not long to go now ………..

Thursday 11th June

So the time is almost on us now, the opening ceremony of the 1st European Games takes place today in Baku……….

You can watch it here………. if you want.

The Irish swim team don’t travel until next Thursday with the racing starting on Tuesday 23rd so Danielle and I are now in an adaption week before the last 10 or so days or race prep.

My kit should arrive today so it’s starting to become more ‘real’ – quite exciting LOL

Tuesday 9th June

Only 1 more session at home before we travel to Baku. Still a full week out from competition but things looking pretty good.
We got confirmation of travel arrangements for Thursday morning. Leaving Dublin airport at 11am (reporting in at 8am). We don’t arrive in the village until after 1am local time on Friday morning and we have potentially 6 sessions in the pool before racing sarts on Tuesday.

We have also been given a note of what or ‘airport clothes’ are. Team hoodie, navy shirt and navy track bottoms oh and team trainers as well. Will post a pic if the team on Thursday (not quite sad enough to dress up just yet lol)

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