Teaching your baby to swim (Part 4 – Submersion)

A submersion in learn to swim is when your child’s whole body including their face is under the water.

Submersion not only teach your child breathe control but also allow them to feel buoyancy and develop balance while in water.

Make sure your child is confident at performing the front float before starting to teach this stage.

By the end if this stage your child should be able to submerge from you towards the side of the pool.

There are 4 stages to developing this skill

1. Submerge to self – support your child while facing you and submerge them draw them towards you and reassure them.

2. Submerge to a 2nd person – this time they face away from you, provide support, and guild them, submerged, towards a 2nd adult they trust. Start with short distance and gradually build up.

3. Edge to person – similar to step 1 but starting seated on poolside or on a swim platform. Step back as you support them submerging from edge.

4. Person to edge – this time start in a supported position facing away from you, submerge and guide to side. Gradually increase the distance travelled

Once the can perform all 4 skills with consistency they will be ready for the next skill.

posted by Peter


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