Teaching your baby to swim (part 5 – Turning and resurfacing)

At Peter Hill Swimming we are passionate about swimming. We believe that a childs 1st experience of structured lessions should be a fun and enjoyable one.

In this little series we show you a few videos and steps that you can take before their 1st lesson to help make that 1st lesson as rewarding as possible.

It is vital that all parents teach their children skills they can use to get back to the side if they accidently fall in the pool.

The two basic skills needed for this are

1. The ability to turn in both directions
2. The ability to get back to the surface

Small steps are needed but practicing these steps is fun and very rewarding.

There are 4 progressions to this skill

1. Shoulder assisted (shallow)
2. Reduced support (shallow)
3. Shoulder assisted (deep)
4. Reduced support (deep)

Once your child can fall 1 meter into the water turn and recover to the side for a breath they are ready for the next skill

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