Teaching your baby to swim (part 6 – Safety Basics)

At Peter Hill Swimming we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment in which your child can learn to swim.

Children will always be more safe when the become aware of what is dangerous. This may sound simple but it is often neglected by parents eager to get their child swimming.

Children should never enter the pool area without a parent’s presence or permission.

The skills shown here will hopefully allow you to condition your child so they will not place themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

The barriers of protection you create the better.

There are again 4 steps to safety basics

1. Monkey monkey – holding onto the side of the pool shuffling along the bar or poolside.
2. Climbing out – elbows, knees then tummy.
3. Different swimming conditions – with Goggles and without for example
4. Communication – using the name, ready and go command

Important :- there is no such thing as a drown proof baby, you must always watch your baby.

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