Keep Calm and Dream Big

I can’t quite believe that the new season is now less than two weeks away!!

There just seems so much left to do THIS season still!!

I guess the best thing to do is round up last season (or this season) first then outline what the vision for moving forward is.

So the last 12 months gave been a bit of a whirlwind, it seems like only last week Danelle was heading off to Commonwealths!! Since then we have had a phenomenal season, somewhere in the region of 30 Ulster Titles (a mixture of junior and senior) 5 Irish short course titles, 5 Irish long course titles, to be honest so many records have been broken I have long since lost count but as it stands we hold the following records both SC & LC


50 BC Ulster Junior & Irish Junior

100 BC Ulster Junior, Ulster Senior & Irish Junior

200 BC Ulster Junior, Ulster Senior & Irish Junior


50 BC Ulster Junior

100 BC Ulster junior & Irish Junior

200 BC Ulster junior & Irish Junior

50 FS Ulster Junior

On top of that Danielle travelled to Baku with the Irish Team for the European Games and Conor won 2 silver medals in Tbilisi (EYOF).
Next up Conor is going to Singapore for world youth and finally both he and Danielle will be heading to Samoa for the Junior Commonwealths.

We finished the season with a membership of 200, a LTS of close to 200, gained promotion fom Div 2 of the under 12 league and won the provincial towns league div 1.

We have triathletes competing in all over the world including on the European Cup curcuit, and we have members of the club excelling at Lifesaving ‘speeds’

To say this season has been a success would be an understatement of epic preportions

Was it all plain sailing?  No not at all! Was it worth it? I’l reserve judgement on that for another month I think.

So what now?  Can we better this season? I really hope so. If you gave been reading my ‘creating a high performing centre’ series you will know that I am not satisfied with anything 😆 the dream is to see Irish (more specifically ulster) swimmers on international podiums. I see no reason why we can’t produce world class performances.

Maybe we are limited by our facilities,  maybe we are limited by our education system, maybe we are limited by our exposure to a higher level of performance, but to be honest I think our biggest limiting factor is between our ears.

‘No one ever has so how can I be expected to…..’

I don’t know if I can change this attitude among the rest of the island but I intend to start in my little corner of it. As this new season approaches I want the club to adopt the mantra of FUN, FAST, FEARLESS. I want to be able to provide the environment and the level of work that will allow every swimmer to achieve their goals.

This is not something I say lightly, I say it in full knowledge that we have at least 2 athletes who have a realistic expectation of being in with a chance of being on the plane to Tokyo in 2020. This is a huge challenge and a huge undertaking for a club program but where there is a will there is a way.

Will it be easy? No! But it’s gonna be one hell of a journey and I personally can’t wait


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