Singapore bonus

Just a short one today.

Just as I was sitting putting finishing touches on the plans for the next season (and the 2nd year of the plan to Tokyo 2020) thinking that its gonna be hard to top this year in terms of International team selection

For those who are not not aware in the last 12 months Larne swimmers have competed at (or will be competing at in the next month or so)

Commonwealths Games in Glasgow
Canadian age groups (5 Golds)
European Games in Baku
EYOF in Tbilisi (2 Silver)
World Junior Championships in Singapore
Junior Commonwealths in Samoa
European Triathlon events in Turkey and  France
World Triathlon event in Chicago

I was fortunate to be in the staff for the Canadian Age Groups and European Games.

Its been a fantastic season for the club.

In a personal level the season is finishing on a high again with news that I have been drafted onto the staff for World Junior Championships at the end of this month.

It is short notice but I like to think that this isna reflection of the work that the club are trying to do.

Very excited about the challenges ahead and next season now.

Thanks Swim Ireland :D:D

I will try keep my twitter up to date with results of the Irish team there……


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