Turns out I am a terrible blogger, I get sidetracked and forget to post anything for months at a time.  (I also cant spell…..a trait that my spell check seems to have inherited from me)

I guess I get frustrated by what appears to be a lack of movement. I get that I am in this for the long haul and that it takes time to build athletes so they can reach their peak performance at the right time. Its the other stuff that frustrates me, I have a vision of a professional set up, a club with a capital C if u like.
A brand that is recognisable outside the town (inside the town would be a start to be honest).

I understand that we are a club run by volunteer parents and they do a wonderful job they really do, I just wish that some things were done already.

I mean, last season we brought home 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals from  International Competition. We had success at
European Games,
World Junior Championships and
Junior Commonwealths
winning medals at 2 of these meets setting more Irish and Ulster Records in the process.

I believe this is the time for us to push forwards to make the next step as a club to market ourselves better.

Swim Ulster on Saturday will be awarding their 1st ever Club of the Year and Coach of the Year awards.
Awards that I believe we/I had a chance of winning.
I think that being able to tell prospective sponsors that we are the Swim Ulster Club of the Year would have counted for something and on a personal (and selfish) level being able to say that I had won Coach of the Year (though to be fair Nelson has probably a better shout at that than I do) would have signaled my rehabilitation back into swimming was almost complete. However, the forms didnt get sent in on time. If your not in you cant win. Just an oversite not really an issue, and like I said we are run by volunteers who all work very hard both in their full time jobs and for the club but….. frustrating!

Anyway, I took a step back from my frustration yesterday and realised that in reality we have managed to do a fair bit in the 1st 2 months of the season.

We have managed to secure a strength and conditioning coach who is willing to work with our team on an individual basis (the logistics are still being worked out), we have access to a sports psychologist with experience in the sport at the highest level, we have physio access if/when we need it. The support services are building around our program quite well.

In our training program we have managed to add eveey 2 weeks
3 x circuits
3 x core workout
2 x visualisation
2 x pilates
2 x yoga/stretch
And we still go 6000m a session (I post most sessions here if anyone is interested)….we have achieved more than I realised. Obviously we havent raced yet and wont rest until trials meet in February so time will tell if the changes transfere into faster swimming but I dont see how it can be a bad thing.

Finally, on the more corperate side of things, we have entered into a partnership with a swimming brand called SWIMZI i have to say that these guys are amazing. So easy to work with and so accomodating of us when we couldnt make up our minds on kit.

Anyway we finally have made a decision and the new kit has been ordered, its a departure from the traditional but I think its strong and recognisable and I cant wait to see our team on deck in it in the new year.


It may well be a slow twitch revolution but at least we are moving forwards.

Til next time

Posted by Peter


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