2015 A Cracking Year

Well here we are, the end of another year. Thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months. I’m not a great one for writing notes as I go so this will have to be done from memory I guess.

The year started in fairly unspectacular style with a few opportunities that had become available to me.

Peter Hill Swimming was ticking over nicely without setting the world on fire, Larne Swimming Club was the usual mix of pleasure and pain and I was invited onto the 2015/16 cohort of the Sports Coach UK ASPIRE program.


The swim school has been tinkering along very nicely at around 150 pupils for a number of years, nothing awe inspiring but nice enough. This year saw this change considerably with us building up to over 220 at the end of the last session. I cant thank every one enough for their support with this venture that may actually now be able to start to fulfill the ambition I have to be the biggest private swim school in Belfast (gotta start somewhere). I would especially like to thank the teachers working with me, Vaila, Jessica, Sian, Andrew, Carol-Ann, Robin and Marie – I may not say thank you very often but you are all greatly appreciated. Also Loop Magazine for their fantastic features and advertising.



Literally no idea where to start with this one. its hard to imagine how this year could have gone any better. Don’t get me wrong there are definite areas that need improved but the change from this time last year is unbelievable, both in terms of performance in the water and the clubs administrative side. Sure there have been a few speed bumps along the way and there are bound to be more ahead but generally its been spectacular.

At the start of the season we set out to win the PTL (club league), gain promotion in the Aquasprint (under 12 league), win a couple Irish Titles and qualify for the National team in the summer. a very brief round up of results –

PTL – Champions

Aquasprint – Div 2 Champions

European Games – Danielle Qualified

European Youth Olympics – Conor Qualified  – 2 silver medals

Junior Commonwealths – Conor & Danielle Qualified – 2 Gold & 1 Silver

World Junior Championships – Conor Qualified

We won Irish Titles both Long Course and Short as well as Ulster Titles. but the frequency that our guys broke records is what sticks with me the most. It felt as though every time they raced someone broke a regional record or a National Junior record. 2015 will also be the year these guys broke their 1st Senior records with the club taking a total of 2 National and 5 regional senior marks.

The triathlon section of the club represented Ireland around Europe for the 1st time as well.

And we have embarked on a partnership with Swimzi kit manufacturer which I hope will see us move towards an even more professional club.

On a personal level, I got selected for my 1st national trips travelling with the Irish team to European games in Baku and World Junior Champs in Singapore. Both fantastic trips and incredibly enjoyable and well as eye opening about what needs to be done to compete at this level.


I was genuinely worried about the prospect of attending this program however it has been a very rewarding experience, though at times very tough. I think it is making me think far more about my coaching and I hope that it will help me help the athletes under my guidance to achieve their Goals.


So what does the next 12 months hold? I have no idea it will be tough to top the last year but its gonna be exciting.

Next week I am expending the swim school to an additional venue so there will be extra work involved there but I believe we can continue to grow at the current rate and offer lessons to many more children than was previously possible.

The Aspire program finishes and I cant wait to see what the last half of this holds

And in Larne we have the European Junior Champs as our major goal as well as Irish nationals and Age groups.





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