What a start to 2016!!

If the 1st 2 weeks in 2016 are anything to go by then this could  year to top all years.

For a change the excitement surrounds, not the competitive side but rather, the other half of my professional life – Peter Hill Swimming.

This venture was started 10 years ago when I decided I’d had enough of teaching swimming for other people. I had big dreams of global domination and early retirement. Plans of providing quality swimming tuition for everyone and not let the bottom line dictate who swims and who doesn’t.

Unfortunately I get sidetracked quite easily and distracted by bright lights and loud noises. My attention wandered from the learn to swim and I threw myself into coaching swimming. Don’t get me wrong, coaching swimming gives me a buzz like nothing else it gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me awake at night. What it doesn’t do though (in Ireland anyway) is pay the bills.

So I’m off having a ball coaching swimmers to Commonwealth Games and Olympics and coming home to worry about how I pay the bills.

18 months ago this had to change so a shift in attention was needed. I still coach and love it more than ever but I also discovered or rather rediscovered the buzz that seeing a child swim for the 1st time gives me. It’s an amazing feeling watching as they develop. I took this new found enthusiasm and directed it at the swim school. The rewards over the last 12 months have been incredible, I have a love for swimming that I thought id lost. I find that the pressure of being the head coach of athletes with high ambition and incredible potential can become very stressful, swimming teaching grounds me, keeps my feet on the ground, keeps it real!

Anyway the swim school grew over the last year I had to take on new staff as classes filled. I started to update the website more write the blog (most weeks) and slowly the bills started to be able to be paid. Fantastic!!

Then an opportunity for expansion came along in December, nt a lot of time to think it over. Should I take the risk or not? Take the plunge, start to realise the original dream?

Why not!! No risk no reward I guess.

So I went for it!!

1st week of the expansion and we have 300 kids in the pool as well as 6 adults!


This may not seem like a lot to everyone but if I said that 18 months ago we had 100 then it starts to put some perspective on it.

There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead but I go to work with a smile in my face (I fall asleep n the sofa at 9 every night)

Bring on 2016 it’s gonna be incredible

posted by Peter


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