Teaching your child to swim level 2, skill 3 – Free Floating

At Peter Hill Swimming we are committed to providing swimming lessons for all.

We want swimming to be a lifeskill that everyone can enjoy thoughout their lives however we understand that those 1st few lessons can be daunting for young children.

This series of posts and links to USwim can provide a solid foundation for your child that will help make those 1st few weeks enjoyable.

They will also show you the techniques we use and allow you to go swimming with your children and find it a rewarding enjoyable experience.

Floating on your back is a skill that some children find easy but many struggle with.

Being comfortable floating on your back is an essential skill because it is the potion that uses the least amount of energy and allows the child to breath freely.

Backfloating is also the 1st step in learning Backstroke.

Just like all these skills there are gradual steps that will allow you to take a nervous child and over time progress them to being comfortable floating on their back


1. Shoulder supported
2. 2 hand supported
3. 1 hand supported
4. Free float


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