Teaching your child to swim – Dog Paddle

The aim if this lesson us Independant propulsion.

Once your child can control the breathing as is comfortable floating on their front and back we can start to teach them to move around the pool.

The first step or technique used to move around the pool is ‘dog paddle’ (so called because it resembles the way a dog would move in water.

The arms make a paddling action while the legs reform a flutter kick – otherwise known as freestyle kicking

There are 4 stages to developing this Independant propulsion

1. Kicking drills – keep legs long and relaxed. Introduced sitting on side then in water with support
2. Paddling drills – catching the water
Once they understand these 2 stages
3. Paddling & kicking drills – Combing the 2 actions with support at 1st over short distances
4. Extended distance – the last step is to extend the distance travelled. Initially toward you then, when more confident, away from you.

Remember that Independant propulsion is a major step for your child and you should see enjoyment and confidence growing.


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