All good things must end

This past weekend brought to an end the 20 month process that was the Sports Coach UK Aspire program.

I don’t think I will fully grasp what a benefit this process has been for me for some time yet.

As part of the ‘celebration event’ – (maybe a misleading title for the last weekend) we had to give a brief run down of our Aspire Journey.  I have to be honest, I spent about 20 minutes on it and wrote very little. Not because I didn’t want to but genuinely I had no idea what on earth I was supposed to say (I still don’t know to be honest) 

How do you quantify the impact that something like this has on you? 

Has it changed me as a person? I don’t think so.

Has it changed me as a coach? I don’t know. 

What it has done is put me in touch with some truly remarkable coaches who all displayed an ability far beyond my own to listen in a non judgemental way and for seemingly no other reason than to help each other do what we love better.

Any changes there have been in my approach or attitude has been so gradual so as to be almost imperceptible to me. It wasn’t until I started talking on Monday that I realised that there have been changes I am maybe a little softer (not a word I like) but that that is OK,  I can have ownership of my career and Win AND display empathy.

The mentoring work that went alongside Aspire has been completely invaluable, even though I probably didn’t, make as much use of it as I could have (and certainly don’t seem to have spent as long thanking Jo as some LOL) 

If I was asked to describe my journey in one word it would have to be uncomfortable. On more than one occasion I considered not going and at least once I considered staying in bed…..but I didn’t. 

Discovering that I am green came as no surprise, I like graphs and spreadsheets. Discovering that that is all I am does not sit well with me, I am a complex and confusing person and not so easily pinned down.

The 2 sessions with Sam and Jo were truly eye opening even if, at the time, I hated every second of them – thank you ☺ 

The time and effort that was put into the whole program by Jo, Chris and then John has been incredible and I’m sure everyone has taken time out to thank them (apart from me till just now)

Every single coach in the cohort highlighted something that I recognised as being missing from my own efforts from the passion and knowledge to the caring. I am sure the future is bright for everyone one of you and I want to thank you for making my aspire journey as memorable and valuable as it has been.

I’m not big on this…. but 2 people especially I hope continue to impact my coaching Stephen – who took time to find out more about every single person than I believed possible and Laurie (like lorry but different) – who displayed so much understanding and care for people she didn’t really know. They also made me laugh more than I would have believed.

I would recommend to anyone who gets the opportunity that they should apply for Aspire it will impact your coaching (and maybe make you squirm just a little)

I know that moving forwards my coaching is going to be more   

M. I. N. T. Y. (thanks Sarah)


Anyway enough of this nonsense.


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