Teaching your child to swim – Back Kicking

It is essential to be able to perform the skill of kicking on the back before your child attempts to do any backstroke arms.

Back kicking uses different muscles than freestyle kicking, incorperating the core or abdominal muscles to stabilise the body and stop the head going under as well as move the legs.

When first starting it is important to kick softly and do small kicks with the feet then, as the swimmer gets better, the kicks can increase is speed and power.

There are 4 easy steps to back kicking

1. Floating on a board – head looking back, hands resting on the board, relax

2. Kicking drills – legs fairly straight legs long, feet floppy

3. Supported Board Kick – if struggling offer support with hand at small of back, perfect body position is flat on the surface

4. Independant Board Kicking – as above when they are able to kick fairly bice with no support
Keys to success

Achieving a great kick is all about combining good body position and small ‘relaxed’ kicks


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