So I guess that’s summer over. Welcome to ‘The Grind’

(Love that video btw)

So last season was, by any measure, the best season Larne Swimming Club has had in a very Very long time.

There are days when everything goes exactly to plan, when swimmers swim fast when everyone is happy and on those days I think

‘YES I think I’m getting this, I am AWESOME’ 
Its these days, when I think I’m getting a handle on the whole coaching lark that God has a habit of kicking my ass back to the reality that I have still a very Very long way to go. 😡

Then there are days when I feel annoyed and under appreciated, days when I get angry. 😠

Then I remember, I am blessed, I get to do the exact thing that I love every day, I run my own business and I am having a baby on the new year. Admittedly it takes me a little to long to remember this but I’m working on that ☺

Our new season starts on 15th August, lots of changes, mostly very exciting. We have world student games, World Championships and Commonwealth Games to target qualification for AND extention to my family and all the joy and excitement that will bring.

I am running a more complex programme  with more individualisation, more recording, more in training testing developing what we did last season with a littlevel bit of old school VOLS as well.
it’s time to 

I have an opportunity to prove the theory that talent is just a word and that ANYONE who works hard enough gets what the deserve. It’s a challenge get that, the more I think about it, excites me more than I thought it would.


wouldn’t have it any other way


One thought on “So I guess that’s summer over. Welcome to ‘The Grind’”

  1. A Good Year is always a Great year when you’ve recognised the learning in it in my opinion. Keep up the good work coach!
    We’ve all got more to learn, More to Research, More to Experiment with, More Risks to take and then, the chance to review it all again and move forward!!

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