4 Year Plans & Olympic Dreams

I love it when swimming is on TV, and I love the Olympics so im basically in heaven this week, a very tired heaven with finals on at 2A.M. 

In a weeks time it will all be over for another 4 years and the next 4 year cycle will begin on Monday with the start of another season. 

I also love this week before the season, a chance to put my feet up and apply the finishing touches going into the season plan.

The possibilities are endless right now, Tokyo 2020 beckons for anyone with enough drive and ambition to get there. We are at the very start of a new Olympic cycle, the very start of a journey that could fulfill all our ambitions.

We are building a team of National team members in Larne proving that international success can be achieved in a club program and for the 1st time in my coaching career I have written 2 four year plans both ending in Tokyo, VERY exciting.

After a season where I experimented a little with intensity last year I am going a little old school this year (initially). I like the adaptability that last season gave me in the session and the individualisation it afforded but, in my heart, I like the work.
I learnt some stuff last year with the experimentation that we will be carrying forwards this year so not entirely old school, a bit of a mixture.

We have a new squad designed to push towards national and international success, added more accountability for the athletes, more in depth race analysis and testing both in and out of competition as well as sports psych for the 1st time.

We also plan on racing less in Ireland and travelling to Europe and UK for more meets in an effort to leave no stone unturned.

The future is bright, The future is RED & WHITE




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