New Season

Ok so technically the new season is now in its 6th week but I have been busy and not had time to write much about it.
Last season was a phenominal success with international medals and senior Irish records so the challenge is to keep this thing moving forwards.

I have tinkered with the set up of the cycles a little to try and address some issue I felt we had last year but the bottom line is still Hard Work Always Pays Off.

So whats different?

1. We have now got a senior squad in the club for the 1st time since I started here. These guys have signed an athlete agreement to complete a minimum of 90% training volume and compete in selected meets throughout the year.

Every 4 weeks they will get a report on their training volume which should look a little like this. 

Black is what I wrote

Red is what he did 

Grey is agreed minimum

Our season is broken into 6 week cycles with increasing work load each cycle. At the end of each we perform a ‘pulse point’ step test. Which gives a graph like this

A move down and/or to the left at the end of each cycle shows progression.

At the minute we are using HR but have started to experiment with a Lactate test on this to see if it gives any more information specifically on recovery after the session.

2. We have a distance group focusin on 400m and above as well as a ‘sprint’ group working 200 and down.
The age profile of the senior club is a little higher as well this year with sessions typically filled with athletes over 15.

Targets for the season are as always to have a strong showing at IAG in the Summer but also this year we have athletes looking for World senior and Commonwealth Games QT.

Also rather dauntingly this could be the longest unbroken run of training for some time as Conor has a time for World Student Games at end of August taking us straight into next season and an early Commonelwealth Games.


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