Cant really believe September is over already!! 

We are into the last week of the 1st Mesocycle of this new season and there is one word that keeps coming to mind whenever I think about the plans for this season and indeed the next 4 years…..





  1. unceasingly intense.

  2. I think its the thought that best discribes my vision for how I would like the squad to train and think

  3. Relentless in their application to training

  4. Relentless in their pursuit of their goals

  5. Very basically we are running a series of 5 week mesocycles through the 1st Macrocycle of the season right up until the 1st qualifying meet. 

  6. Our 200 and down group have done 2 weeks endurance, 2 weeks quality and now 1 week specifics this little block and each 5 week period sees the balance shift more towards the specifics work. 

  7. The 400 and up guys will have gone 5 weeks of endurance and are going into another 5 weeks with the volume going up again looking  to get close to 60k a week.

  8. Everyone in the  National group is now also doing 3 x 30min core work before sessions 1 x 30min yoga and a 20min visualisation session weekday mornings.

  9. They are also doing 3 S&C sessions each week (guys new to it are doing 1 or 2)

  10. Like I said……RELENTLESS

  11. September saw us complete just over 200000 meters, which is a nice round number and not at all the main focus but its nice to know we can all go 50k weeks back to back at this stage.

Well thats it for this update….till next time


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