The other stroke…..

As a swimming teacher I spend a lot of time teaching 4 swimming strokes, teaching movement patterns and trying to help children ano adults learn how to swim. 

As a swimming coach I often add the ‘5th stroke’ to this list and talk constantly about how best to take the skills you learn from the teaching and become fast, efficient and effective.

The majority of this work takes place in closed pools at stupid o’clock when it’s dark outside and most normal people are still in bed. 

It’s not very often that in my professional capacity I get to do something that raises awareness of ‘real life’ stuff.

I am proud to say that, during the month of October in the lead up to stroke awareness day on the 30th, Larne Swimming Club is supporting 2 incredible women who both survived strokes as they complete a series of challenges to raise awareness of stroke.

One of their challenges is to swim 300 lengths of the pool so when they asked me could I help raise awareness I asked the National squad if they were up for it.
So as a squad we have set ourselves a challenge of completing 2 million meters before the 30th of October


You can read Annas story and donate here 


For more information on stroke visit


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