Breaking the Mould

As a club we have made some great strides forwards in the last 2 years both in the water and out of it.

But there are more challenges ahead if the vision I have is to be realised.

The challenge in the pool is to inspire a new generation of young swimmers (and their parents) to take that next step and push on in their swimming career. 

We undoubtedly have a lot of potential in our program but without work and dedication that potential wont be fullfilled.

Away from the pool I have challenged then new committee to think outside the box, to dare to be a little different than everyone else we see. 

Will this challenge work? I dont know but I believe we have to try. 

These 2 challenges go hand in hand. Without the new generation of athletes committing and progressing to the top of the sport there is no point in the new approach but equally without the new approach can we ‘guarantee’ the continued progression towards the aspirations of the elite?

I am working on a post outlining the new direction I want to go in but its not quite ready yet……stay tuned


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