Teach your child to swim – Streamlined kick aka Torpedo Kick

Torpedo kicking is a great tool to prepare a child’s body for freestyle swimming. 

It involves placing both arms behind the head in a stralight line with the hands on top of each other. This position is maintained while the child kicks their legs.

Why is this drill so important?

It exercises and strengthens the core (abdominal) muscles as the arms are above the head. 

If a child cannot perform Torpedo kick, they certainly do not have the core stability and strength to perform correct freestyle arms.

Therefore it is REALLY important to practise Torpedo kick even after the skill is mastered,  it will enhance the quality of freestylessons arms by allowing the upper body and lower body to perform two different actions.

These are 4 steps to Torpedo kick

1. Torpedo float

2. Kicking drills

3. Assisted Torpedo kick

4. Torpedo kick


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