Commit to change

As things stand I am the head coach of a reasonably sized club program, I am fortunate enough to have coached a few athletes onto both junior and senior national teams but basically I am an age group and Youth coach.

Is this where I see myself coaching for the rest of my ‘career’? 

Ideally no it isnt. 

I do realise that the possibility exists that maybe my strength is coaching exactly where I am now at that transition point between youth and senior but I want to test myself at a senior level and accept that I may fail, but, when failure is met as a positive learning experience it can only make me a better coach.

In order to take the next step in my journey as a coach I need to commit to the process of change. 

A few steps that I have gathered to help give this some focus – and to be honest they are just good practice for anyone wanting to improve themselves.

1. Identify & select the goal

2. Set high standards & keep raising the bar

3. Create learning opportunities for yourself

4. Find someone I trust & respect to take on a mentoring role

5. Monitor & analyse my steps

6. Monitor with my mentor

7. Celebrate progress

8. Review the process 

I think that the next few blog posts im going to deal with each of these steps one by one – I think.
When Im planning a season I try to not focus on the athletes achieving new PBs or new Irish records and I try to encourage them not to look at the end result but rather focus on the next repeat and make that the very best they can. The rest of the season will take care of itself in theory

The build up of great repeats makes a great set

The build up of great sets makes a great session

The build up of great sessions makes a great week

The build up of great weeks makes great preparation 

That way when it comes to the end of the season they are not relying on a miracle to achieve their goal.
The same process driven approach to my own development is what I am aiming for.


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