Commit to Change – THE DREAM 

Following a very quick google search on goal setting i quickly realised that this topic could take more than 1 post. My stated goal is in actual fact a stated dream 😕

We all have dreams, the way we envisage our lives, our relationships, our work. 

How many of us have goals though? 

And how many of us know the difference?

Dreams are about the destination, the summit, the ideal outcome not the journey

Dreams are about seeing the big picture, the final outcome

How are goals different? 

Goals are also about the final destination, the they focus much more on the journey

Goals understand the ultimate goal, the target and the result. However goals require systems, processes and structures to facilitate the end result.

Dreams are important!!

Dreams are the seeds for epic journeys, they come to show us unlimited possibilities

Goals are dreams put into action

Goals require work

Goals demand that we roll our sleeves up and move forwards and, often painfully, we may make mistakes, we may fail and, when we do, it is our dreams that motivate us to get back up and go again.


– the guiding light that illuminates the path towards our dreams.
– define how we make our dreams come true
– demand focus on action
– have defined start and due dates
– need to be measured & tracked 

So basically

DREAMS = Vision, big picture, ideas


GOALS = Planning,  action, system, process


So what is my dream for the club and my career as a coach?

1 – to develop a high performing centre

2 – to coach high performing athletes

The how is , I believe, linked completely to my coaching philosophy and the ownership I want over what I do, but I think that that is enough for today.

Next time – turning this dream into my goal


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