Commit to change – THE GOAL

Like I said in my last post, your dream is the WHAT, what do you want to accomplish, what is your vision of the future. Your goal is the HOW, how are you going to set about making your dream a reality.

So a quick recap

The dream is 2 fold

1 – To develop a High Performing Program

2 – To coach High Performing Athletes

Now these 2 dreams are obviously linked as you can’t have 1 without the other.

So the GOAL

To set goals we need to remember 5 things that define what a goal should be

– the guiding light that illuminates the path towards our dreams.
– define how we make our dreams come true
– demand focus on action
– have defined start and due dates
– need to be measured & tracked

In my opinion the goals are tied to my coaching philosophy, the ‘why I coach the way I do’.

Thanks to @SportscoachUK and their #Aspire program (Jo and Sam specifically) my philosophy has undergone a drastic makeover.

The overarching reason behind all I do is that I want to win. I believe that hardwork will always pay off, underpinning that hard work I believe I need, amongst other things, knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment and consistency. The last little bit of the model is ownership, I want to work out the why rather than have someone tell me what to do.


coaching philosophy



This model is the guiding light that illuminates the path towards the goal.

Defining how is the structures we implement in the club and what values we try to instile in the athletes – what does a performance lifestyle look like.

The structures I have outlined before and we continue to try to drive standards up week by week year by year. The new thing we have added this year is the performance lifestyle part and we have brought in a consultancy called Performance Matters who will be working with the squads.

The start dates and end dates are defined by the cycle plans, the plan is to have this system fully implemented in time to run the last year for  a group into Tokyo.

Measuring and tracking is constant and will require continued improved evaluation and self reflection onto of the monthly coaches meetings and committee meetings.
I THINK that is the bones on my goals but I am also 100% sure these will continue to develop and change as we move forwards.

Till next time



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