Know Yourself

Just a short one today, one where I will be tryin desperately to not sound too hippy.

I can honestly say that, until Swansea played Arsenal earlier this month, I hadnt heard of Bob Bradley (no big deal, im fairly sure he hasnt heard much about me either)

He gave an interview on Radio 5 yesterday and as part of one of his answers he said that at this stage in his career he knows who he is and is happy with that.

It kinda resonated with me a bit. 
I think that if we are to be successful in life then this is something thats real important. I like to think that as part of my personal and professional development ovr the last 18 months or so I have found out a lot about who I am and what drives me. 

I am not there yet but I am happy with the direction I am going in.

I know better who I am now than at any point in the past, not everyone likes me (most probably dont), and thats ok. 

Anyway thats it for today…..
Til 2moro


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