What doesn’t challenge you……..

There are times that I truly love sport. I love the honesty that with hard work anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I love that, given the right input at the right time, progress is inevitable. I love the challenge of seeing just how far we can go.

The sport I actively have a passion for is obviously swimming. It’s the sport I have chosen to accept this challenge in. 

The brutality of sport is always a challenge, and in a courtyard where parents and age group/youth success is the driving force the challenges are even more obvious.

This is a sport and an evironment that can give with one hand, raising your spirt to the mountaintop and then at the same time blind side you with a punch in the face. 

This is a different sort of challenge. 

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

If a situation doesn’t challenge you it wonto change you, it won’t make you better.

As coaches, we thrive on challenges. For some these challenges are about getting a small improvement, more pool time,  for others it’s the pinnacle of the sport. 

Some challenges are brought about by issue with people rather than the sport. 

Wether we learn a new ability or indeed learn our own limitation, we are changed.  We need to ensure we embrace this change as a positive and make it transform us to be better.

If challenges change us then, logically, the only reason to no seek out challenges is because we feel we are already good enough.  

Challenges are, by definition, difficult. Making the decision to change is the 1st step. Once that is done the challenge is accepted and we can get down to work.

In the next few weeks the challenges in my personal life are obvious, how will a new arrival and my odd working hours and commitment to being the best coach I can be, co-exist. This is a challenge I can’t wait to embrace and believe that it will make me a far better man.

In my working life, my drive to build a high performing program the challenge around progressing the program and making tough decisions, rather than have them made for me, is a harder one to rationaise but, I am committed to the long term process not the short term glory. 

Like ripping off the bandaid, quick and painfully in the short term but long term my principles will have been upheld and no my beliefs uncompromised.

Long term view far more important for what I want to achieve.



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