Time Flies

So earlier this week I started getting notifications that people were sending me congratulations through my linkedin account (I rarely use it so that was quite surprising)…..apparently i was celebrating an anniversary!!!!

A quick check on my reminders confirmed that I def got married in August (thank you google calenders)
Turns out that 4 years ago this week I started helpin out in Larne SC

Time flies!!!

4  years ago I was happily finished with competitive swimming (a 9 year stint as head coach in another program had taken its toll). When Raymond asked me if I would be interested in helping out I agreed on the basis that it would be one or two sessions a week.

Just when I thought i was out……..

Just when I thought I was out

Gradually the creep began, an extra session here and weekend meet there. Competitive swimming, it turns out, is my drug of choice!! 

When the club asked me if I would take over as Head Coach 8 months later I had to think about it…..but the truth is once your in its grip……there is no way out 😀

(I just had to agree to be carefull that this time I wouldnt mainline it into my eyeballs – down that path only darkness lies)

Fast forwards 4 years and 

4 summers in Larne

Yes I do 7 mornings a week, yes i work every weekend, yes i forget what a social life is but….

The juice is worth the squeeze

I can honestly say I enjoy coaching more now than at any other point in the 23 years I been working at it, 

I enjoy the challenge

I enjoy the stress

I enjoy the opportunity to learn.
So many opportunities have come my way in the last 3 years, I have travelled literally the whole way round the world (Winnepeg to Singapore)
With the sports coach UK Aspire program I have learnt more about myself in the last 3 years than the previous 38.

Am I satisfied? No! I want more, I want to develop a high performing program and strive for world class excellence. 

With a much better work life balance, I am catiously optomistic the next 4 years will eclipse the last four.



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