Cycle one catch up….

Probably a bit late with this cycle update but better late than never i guess.

After last seasons experiment with intensity I tried, this year, to take the lessons learnt and apply them to a more classic program and cycle plan.

The result for the 1st cycle plan looked like this

Cycle one

As you can see no crazy volume but a mixture of intensity and more volume than last season.

The two planned training trips simply didnt materialize but we did travel to Scottish Short Course as we intended.

Short course season went better than I expected with a Scottish title and 5 Irish senior records.

The target meet in Feb was a mixed bag really. Very high highs and some ok performances as well…nothing wrong with it at all. Again we managed to break 3 Irish senior records.

Danielle managed to post a time inside the Commonwealth nomination time (though she now needs to repeat it after 28th June) and Conor swam to a nomination time for WUGs (the 1 meet missing from my coaching CV)
In the end the actual cycle looked like this

I THINK its pretty much as i planned.

However i have given myself a little headache…. both Danielle and Conor missed a World senior QT by about 0.02 and, while the plan was simply a 2 cycle season to a target summer meet, I have adjusted to a 3 cycle season with a short 9 meet cycle to Irish Nationals with a specific focus on Speed (they both are targetting 50m events)
I dont like changing plans mid season but with 9 weeks I THINK we can do enough to find the time and still leave long enough after for a 12-13 week block of hard work.

On reflection I think I shy away from the quality too much and I think maybe Im too soft at times.

Anyway……thats where we are now. Start of the 3rd week of 9…..fingers crossed.
Till next time


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