Sleep deprived….😪

So 5 weeks ago my life took a, not unexpected turn. I say not unexpected because, lets be honest, when a baby arrives there is a bit of warning and some lead in.
Its kinda weird having another person totally reliant on you…..for everything!

Harper is incredible!!

Harper Rainn

Work life balance has changed without a doubt.
Getting weeks planned is tougher and im having to squeeze it in between bottles and nappies but so far it just about working.

Candle is definately being burned at both ends and I suspect i may need t week off after nationals but we shall see.

Dave McC (our 1st qualifying meet of the year) went quite well.

Danielle posted a time under commonwealth consideration time and now just has to do it again after June 28th. She also broke 2 Irish senior records becoming the fastest ever Irish female in water in the process.
Conor B went under the WUGS consideration time again in the 50 FLY and broke his 1st Irish senior record Long Course.

Nice to see that the ‘inadequate facilities’ are producing….proof that its not WHERE you work but THAT you work that matters.
Anyway……Harper is alseep soooo 😴😴😴 for me


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