Dream BIG dreams


Living in Ireland (wonderful and all as it is) we get used to a few things

1. It Rains – a lot

2. It’s cold

3. The sun is a mythical beast that provides heat and sustenance to the rest of the world.

This makes the life of a swimmer tough at times, long, cold, dark winters make morning sessions in cold pools no fun at all.

There are a few things that we need to help us through

1. Vitamin D supplements

2. Squad mates to rely on

3. Dreams – BIG DREAM


Marcus Aurellius  (who rose to become Emperor of the Roman Empire) shares one of the most important secrets of World Class Achievers

“Dream big dreams, only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls”

Procrastination is one of the main obstacles that comes between you are achieving your goals. I believe that one of the two main causes of procrastination is a dream that is too small (the other is belief, but I’l come back to that) its just too easy to put off doing something that doesn’t have a lot of appeal even if you were to achieve it.

Big dreams drive us to do things we’d never do for lesser dreams – in many ways they almost pull us through the obstacles we’re likely to have on the way to reaching them.

Having a specific meaning and focus to your training helps you get out of bed and drives you to train more effectively and in a more purposeful way.

As human beings we differ from animals in that we can override the basic instincts of self survival and procrastination, we are creators. We can formulate a variety of goals. We can go after whatever goals we choose. We actively choose what it is we want to achieve.

These mechanisms work constantly 24/7 to achieve whatever goals we tell it we want to achieve. If we don’t consciously choose our goals these mechanisms still work, but usually on negative goals. Negative or positive goals make no difference to our subconscious.

Stop presenting your internal software with negative goals and images, just replace them with success-centered goals and images! Your self-image has a DIRECT EFFECT on your results in sport (and in life actually). It will continue to operate as it always has UNTIL you take ACTIVE control of it.

In The Psychology of Winning, Denis Waitley states that there are three type of people

1. The spectators this is the majority of people. They avoid trying anything new or desirable for fear of being hurt, ridiculed, rejected or failing. Most of all these spectators are afraid of winning. Winning brings more pressure on performance and on being a good rolemodel and setting an example. These people prefer to make relatively little effort and watch others achieve their dreams. they use television as an escape, watching TV and letting others do their thinkiong for them. People with no goals are doomed to forever work for people who do.

2. The losers these guys prefer to be liked or to act like someone else. They spend their time criticizing and nitpicking others. Losers are easily spotted because they quickly and readily put themselves and others around them down.

3. Finally there are the winners these are the people who acquire what they want from life. they set and accomplish goals that help not only themselves but those around them.

Living a life as a big dreamer is a lot easier than you might think.

1. write your dreams down

2. dream BIG

To achieve these goals you need to develop better habit new abilities and skills and engage a better attitude to the process.

If you have difficulties making to sessions you don’t have big enough dreams

How big is BIG?

if it doesnt make you a little nervous

If it doesnt take your breath away

its probably not big enough!

You must have a definitive purpose to your training if you are going to win! You must know what you want and have a burning desire to achieve it. these dreams are the seeds of your reality!

There are no secrets to success. Average athletes are average because the have “average” goals, exceptional athletes think exceptional thoughts and have exceptional dreams.

What do you want to achieve from training?

When you start to believe you start to achieve


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