Teach your child to swim – pat the dog or back kicking

By the time you get to this stage your child can kick on their back while holding a board to their chest.

When we start introducing a child to swimming with no board we use a skill called ‘pat the dog’.

Pat the Dog……not to be confused with the swim drill

This us where the legs kick, while the ares are placed at their side with the hands making a patting motion (hence the name)

This skill is all about using the correct muscles to kick, body position and relaxing the whole body to allow maximum bouyancy.

Never try to learn backstroke without first learning Pat the Dog

There are 4 easy steps in this skill

1. Standing Pat the Dog

2. Supported Pat the Dog

3. Supported elbows

4. Independant Pat the Dog

Each step is broken down in the video above


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