‘Beware the ides of March’


1st of all……how is it March already!!!

Im pretty sure Christmas was last week!!!
Secondly……I have no idea what ides are but im pretty sure Shakespear made the whole thing up for dramatic effect.
A quick google search reveals that every months has ides …. they were supposed to be determined by the full moon. Romans earliest calendars March wpuld have been the 1st month of the year so the ides of march would have been the first full moon of the year.

Generally they occur around the middle of the month and were considered unlucky……so I guess they a bit like a Roman hump day.

Anyway…….all of this is completely irrelevant but for the happy coinsidence that the 1st pulse point test set of the cycle is on the 15th of march ….. et tu brute 🗡

Thats your lot 2day just a little 1


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