With much power…….

Uncle Ben’s words ring so true….not my uncle Ben,  I don’t have an uncle Ben…..Peter Parkers Uncle Ben.


“With great power comes great responsibility” 

Only problem with being the Head Coach is that  I get all the responsibility and none of the power LOL.
I don’t enjoy the non coaching responsibilitiesthat are thrust upon me as Head Coach.  

The reality in age group swimming (maybe all age group sport) is that when a swimmer performs well it’s because that swimmer is naturally talented or has worked incredibly hard. When they don’t perform it’s because the Coach has messed up. I am discovering more and more that as Head Coach the ultimate responsibility for athlete performance rests on my shoulders, even when I don’t coach them directly. 
I had thought for a while that the solution would maybe be to bring in a new head coach and allow me to move to a coaching position with the senior squad. The truth is though that I would probably hate that too. A new head coach would want things done their way…..I would want things done my way……conflict would be inevitable.

I think a better solution would be to get better at the stuff I hate, the planning meetings, the parents meetings, the committee reports, the budget planning. 
I have a vision for where I want the club to go (every year feels like year one of the journey at the minute) so I need to be better at selling that vision to the parents who want instant gratification, the coaches who have come through a system that conflicts with the vision and the athletes.
If I can’t sell that vision then what is the point in even having it?
Ohave before I forget, I am adding an International Potential Pathway within the Club.  Trying to think of a cool name for it anacronimfor it but all I can think of is





And let’s be honest, no one wants be on the LIPP Squad 😕


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