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Teach your child to swim – Backstroke

Once your child is confident with performing ‘pat the dog’, then backstroke arms can be introduced.

Just like freestyle arms we simplify the stroke when first teaching it and usr a technique called single-arm backstroke.

Just like catch up freestyle, single-arm backstroke makes it easy for a child to understand and perform the skill they are being asked. 

If they find this easy, then simply move to traditional (Olympic) backstroke.

Four easy steps

1. Standing single arem

2. Single arm drills

3. Standing Olympic backstroke

4. Olympic backstroke
At Peter Hill Swimming we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim. If you have any questions or wish to enrol visit our facebook page below and hit the  ‘call’ or ‘text’ buttons or email us through the contact form on the website.




Deliberate Practice

Mastering any skills takes practice.

Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement.

It helps us perform with more eas, speed and confidence.

But how does practice make us better at things? 

This little video explains the inner workings if your brain and how effective practice makes us  better.

The talent code  by Daniel Coyle is also really worth a read

The grind never stops

So you think you made it? 

You got this far and NOW you wanna take your foot off the pedal?


This is permenant!! 

We say practice makes perfect?……no practice make permentant!!

You dont need talent to make it… need to grind!

The winners attitude?

You may have more than I do, you may get more than I do but you Will not outwork me!!

Another from ET (love this guy)

Teach your child to swim – Freestyle breathing

When firat learning how to breath correctly in the freestyle stroke, I would recommend only breathing to one side, and keep it consistent.

This is why we label each arm

Breathing – the side you breath to

Bubble – the side you attach a bubble to as a reminder 

Later on down the road they can learn bilateral breathing (breathing to both right and left) 

There is no right or wrong side to start with it is simply the side that feels more comfortable or turns better.

This skill will show how to incorporate the breath into beginner freestyle arns (or catch up)

There are 4 easy steps

1. Select bubble arm

2. 6 kicks and breathe

3. Bubble arm, roll, bubble arm

4. On board