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Teach your child to swim – Freestyle

This is the last in the little series of lessons I hope you have enjoyed them and found them to be of some help.

The transition from catch up arms to conventional freestyle swimming is not a difficult one.

In this stage we will make sure they can do catch up correctly then show how to change the timing to resemble the freestyle you would recognise from the Olympics. Then show you additional drills to help improve this basic skills. 

There are 4 basic stages to developing this skill

1. Catch up arms with breathing

It is essential that your young athlete can swim 15m of catchup freestyle before you introduce them to conventional freestyle. Beginner freestyle develops the core and ensure the body is strong enough to kick and stroke at same time while maintaining good technique.

2. Conventional freestyle 

3. How to use flippers/bilateral breathing

We would advocate the use of flippers at this stage as a tool to help with stroke development but be careful they don’t become dependant on them and develop a lazy kicking action

4. Training to refine the stroke

Focus on the small things, body position, kicking and breathing. Make sure they are done correctly
Enjoy your swimming.

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Teach your child to swim – Freestyle breathing

When firat learning how to breath correctly in the freestyle stroke, I would recommend only breathing to one side, and keep it consistent.

This is why we label each arm

Breathing – the side you breath to

Bubble – the side you attach a bubble to as a reminder 

Later on down the road they can learn bilateral breathing (breathing to both right and left) 

There is no right or wrong side to start with it is simply the side that feels more comfortable or turns better.

This skill will show how to incorporate the breath into beginner freestyle arns (or catch up)

There are 4 easy steps

1. Select bubble arm

2. 6 kicks and breathe

3. Bubble arm, roll, bubble arm

4. On board